I have this blog but never use it. Lets start!

This will be a long one, so strap in!

So I am not going to my 2nd job(CMM programing) because sleep is needed. Plus my brain is not ready to do them as of the moment. Aviation parts are stupid when the drawings are only photo copies of 20 year old plans.

I worked on doing some random projects. I saw a post about someone doing a collar with a feed back if a leash in VRChat is tugged on. I want to make a simple addon that will slide onto a collar. I want to make it work with the Totally Wholesome mod. If I can make something half decent, then it could be a fun product to sell. I got it modeled but it does not make me happy. I will probably end up redoing it over. Simply it and make it a bit bigger. Fun fact, the average neck diameter is about 2.5 inches. I also want to make sure the module is all enclosed. It will have to have a motor(vibration), solenoid(tugging), MCU(Good chance at being a ESP board. Still need to decide on either BLE or Wifi based), and a battery with charger. It will have to use USB C, micro is crap, and anything else would be awful to use. The only thing is that most of the solenoids are offered in 12 or 24 volts. At that, they pull about an amp, this with a boost of 3.8v to 12v would mean about 3.5 amps on the battery side. I do have 1200mAh batteries with a supposed 25C rating. Bit suspect for that. As long as it can handle 10A spikes, I think it would last. Cant forget to put a nice charge/discharger on it.

I have to also go back to the American Truck Sim. dash I was looking at making. It was gonna be in a 379 style to start with, but I do plan to make it modular. If I get a decent setup, I should also use the base for things like it for Farming Sim.

I also may look into selling coin sets of different birth years. I would look at making a nice little holder for them too. If I do, I would really need to start collecting all sorts of coin. Khajiit Has Wares, If You Have Coin. 

I also had fun trying to get my hush to talk to my phone. Apparently sticking it next to a receiver or phone prevents it from really wanting to be connected. There goes that hour of my life. It started working out of the blue in the end. Small fun fact if you have the Max, a cup brush for dishes is great for cleaning out the inside of the tube if you have large meat clubs like me. Worth the 2$ I spent on it. Just need an easier way to dry it out after due to my meat clubs not wanting to go in.

My mind seems to be getting worst. My anger issues are starting to come back, to the point where I feel like just snapping at people. It is also basically eliminated my filter at times. You could say that my mouth is trying to cash a check that my body cant cover.

I ended up ordering some parts online for some other projects. I ordered some IMU’s to try and setup SlimeVR on a Pi Pico W board. Digikey had some nice ones that were in stock and didn’t cost hundreds of dollars. Plus the 8$ shipping is cheaper then ordering thru Adafruit. If I do it right, you may be able to do full body with a single microcontroller. The Pico has their PIO thing which means the I2C can be  switch thru many pins. I do not know if it would like it, but hey, why not try to do silly things that may be useful to know later.

I also ordered a Bondtech LGX Lite for my CR6. I am going to convert it to direct drive. Would make a bit of a better print on it. Then I could spam 3d printed tire dick caps to random people.





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