Another day. Another Post

Another day has come again.

Did not get up to as much as I liked. I didn’t touch the collar project edits at all. Most of my time got wasted trying to find a bug cause by a typo in a php script. I am starting to see why many web devs hate php.

I got to go do some CMM programming today. It went worst then I thought.  One of the parts that needed a 3D from the customer had none. They even had a tolerance on the drawing that depends on a 3D model… Then another was not clear what it wanted to be, and required you to follow a trail thru about 10 other pages of documents. Why must aviation plans be some full of fluff.

Otherwise I got my parts from Digikey that I had ordered over the week end. Got to love how fast Fedex is. For 8$ it was worth it. Now I will have to start doing some of the testing. Should be a great time to learn C so I can get the Pico W working right for it. The only issue I had with the delivery is that Aeolus decided to take it and move it over to neighbor’s place. I guess that’s what I get for sleeping when it was delivered.

A storm decided to come thru last evening. I know some people in Compton still had no power when I was at work. I slept like a baby cause of the storm I guess. I know I did not lose power as my clock was right and none of the lights were on when I  woke up.

I did watch a bit of anime before going to work. My friend was recently introduced to anime and I ended up showing him a few shows. I did show him the first episode of Gleipnir but then again, one of his first was Elfen Lied, so I didn’t show him anything worst. We also ended up watching the first 4 episodes of Irregular At Magic High School. Also threw him a few suggestions about some other ones.

Work was shitty. Many people did not come bye, but the rain was there. At some points I could not see far outside the window.

I may also go see the new Thor movie this weekend. Depending if my friend wants to go, I may get drunk before going to see it. Otherwise, I know that I am planning on finishing another bottle of vodka this weekend. Try and beat my time drunk without sleep.

Mentally wise, I have been stuck in the villain songs. For some reason they make me stand up straight and in charge. It feels nice. Of course I throw a few other bits into it, such as Ninja Sex Party hehe.

And because of my boss at work, I want to learn Latin for the fun of it. It would be fun to randomly start speaking in tounges. I am sure I could scare some kids on COD as well.

Another fun project for this weekend is to remove the old couch in my apartment. Once it is out, I can get a nice spot to do some VR. If not, I will probably just move my 3D printers and CNC router to it.

Of course I have other projects on the back burners. One of the main things is to add some limit switches onto the CNC. It also needs to have a better enclosure, with dust extraction. Of course if I do that, the vacuum will need to be on a relay so I don’t be a knob and forget to turn it on/off. I should also look into getting a roll of the film for my resin printers. It may be cheaper then buying small sheets off of amazon.

I also have projects being suggested to me from a few friends. One of them being a timing system like those used in racing but for RC cars. The fun thing is it exists for go karts but they do cost a pretty penny. I am sure if I started poking at it, I could find a way to do it janky and cheap. Those are the best ways to do it.

With that, it also makes me want to learn more about doing PCB design right. Mainly for KiCAD, as the script options seem quite cool. I can do most of what I want in EasyEDA, but I find it can be limited.

Maybe I could play some Beat Saber while drunk this weekend and hope I do not decided to punch myself again.

I also need to fit some time into figuring out some bits about avatars for VRChat. I mainly want to be able to add some glowing tattoos and such to avatars, as well as hue shifts. While I am at it, I also want to see if I can figure out how to add DPS to things, such as maybe a dildo to the end of my main avatars cane(I call it Wackus Bonkus cause why not). Something like a Bad Dragon dildo, as smutbase does have quite a few of them and they are rigged with bones and such. The only thing I do not like about my current main is that the torso texture seems a bit under res, but alas, it is what it is. I will figure something out. The other thing that bugs me is that world constraints do not work well for quest users. And my current main also does not have a quest compatible option. Need to figure that out too.

Well now that I read that back, it does seem quite a bit more like a ramble. My brain just lost control and decided to spew a lot of stuff out. Well have a great day if you made it this far!


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