Thrusdays are annoying.

Well now it is Thursday, the most annoying the day of the week. Every one wants to buy things, while you have many bills to pay. Yay!

I did have some fun yesterday. I ended up playing some Smithworks. It is quite a fun game and is free on Steam. I got head shot so many times by one of my friends. We also were almost always panicking. If we were not busy knocking each other out, we where doing not too bad. Some of the hats are fun and I must get all of the achievement unlockable ones done.

I also ended up watching Venom and parts of Venom Let There Be Carnage. A friend had never seen them but we started watching them. The only sucky part is having to leave during the 2nd movie. No work, no income, no living.

Work was hectic as the systems decided to go offline during a rush. Great way to may grumpy morning people even more grumpy.

I also got fuck all sleep wise. Ended up going to sleep way too late.

Welp, nothing else really happened. Bye now.

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