Well I am dumb sometimes

So over the weekend I forgot to do any posts. I blame it on the joys of no sleep for the weary. Pair it with the influence of the full moon and you have a storm of oddness.

I know that Friday after work that I passed out. I didn’t even last an hour after I got home. Due to that, I also woke up quite early due to that. Ended up working on some avatar stuff. The main thing was learning on how to attach simple props with on/off toggles. I played with the decal system as well. The placement of decals was a fun thing to figure out. Once you are use to it, then it is not as bad. Just annoying mainly. Did some simple color edits on my avatar while I was at it. The main thing I want to do now is to figure out how to create hue shifts. My decals appear with simple toggles but I tried to setup touch triggers for it. Right now they simply flash on for a split second, but I think I have a method on how to do it now. Just need to some testing. I was too busy starting to drown myself with vodka.

Ended up spending the weekend quite drunk and high again. Finished off about 2 bottles of vodka(750ml bottles). I also tried a new weed from the store and it knocked me on my ass. In all it went well. The toughest thing was having to down a quarter of the bottle at once because of a drinking game. I got off lightly compared to a friend that fell on the “Drink 1/2 of you drink” prompt while drinking from the bottle.

A couple of us decided to pop over to a FBT Heaven. Ended up meeting some fun people, getting quite a few lap dances, and all the normal stuff. The worst part about it was my Owner messing with me while chatting at times. They loved just turning the hush all the way up to 100% while in said chats. I got some looks. I do say that one of the coolest dances I had was with a dancer who had a shadow clone system. The dances also showed me how much more sensitive to phantom sense when I am drunk.

Sleep was quite odd as well. Saturday morning, I passed out. Ended up waking up 4 hours later and also realizing that I left the hush in. I also passed out in a discord, thus that was fun too. The battery was dead as my Owner had also left that on…..

Since I couldn’t fall back asleep, I went back to messing with the avatar. Ended up setting up the basics for the contacts and trying to fix my issue. It also made me realize that I wanted to add a few things to it as well such as DPS.

After that, there was more drinking in the evening and being teased even more by my Owner. Worked on the 2nd bottle of vodka. We had a fun sinful Saturday. The funniest part was the surrounding someone with a bunch of avatars with our dongs out. It was funny to see their reaction. The whole time my Owner was really messing with me. It was fun and not fun.

After that, I passed out a bit earlier then before and woke up around 7ish. The worst part of it was that my brain believed that I had slept the whole day, and not about 4 hours. Turns out it was the morning and me thinking it was the evening, decided to run like a mad man to get things done. After doing my laundry and taking a shower did I start to question why it was so bright outside. So now I am wide awake and decided to go get some food. Tried to go to McDonalds, but turns out it was closed till 11am. I hate worker shortages. Went and got some food from Subway as they were open. After eating, decided that I wanted to go see the bridge in town. It is a pedestrian bridge over the Gorge in town.

So I wake over to where the normal gate is to get to the bridge, and it turns out it is locked shut. I do not want to turn back, so I walk down to the main entrance. So I have to walk down into the Gorge, climb back up to get to the bridge, take some photos while I am up there, walk back down, and lastly back up to get home. Oh, did I mention that this is about 160ft of  elevation change on steep hiking trails and such? The good thing was that it was morning, thus it was cooler. The cardio was good for me I think. My fear of heights made the bridge part even more fun. The wind and others walking on it made it shake due to it being a suspension bridge. I did get some nice photos and would probably do something dumb like it again.

Otherwise, I got home from that safely, and then proceeded to relax. Ended up sleeping for a short six hours so I would have at least a nice cycle for work. Work was fun mainly due to the fact that so many 12  packs needed stocking. I think I moved over 50 cases. Just the fact that it was a lot of small cases made it worst, but it still does not beat the worst night yet. The most I had at one point was about 250 12 packs worth of beer(12 all the way to the 48 cans, which use really bad handle designs).

Due to a show in town later this week, I will have to do a bit of over time on Friday. A Quebec group called “LES COLOCS” will be in town. I did like their song called “La Rue Principale”. With that, there will be quite a few people in town, thus I know the store will be busy. It will also mean more drunks roaming, and the police doing the same.

And I also learnt last night that one of the neighbors decided that me and the next door neighbor talking at 7am was not something we should do and that we woke them up. Don’t know what stick was up their butt, I know I won’t change my ways. 7am is a normal time for noise to start, at worst get ear plugs. The trucks that go by are louder then us anyways.

Well that is it I guess. I do not know what is in stock for the rest of the week, but we will see soon.

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